Pursuit of excellence and perfection is never ending journey. To keep yourself updated with possibilities of future one has to be in continuous transformation mode with available resources. The philosophy, governance and work culture are witnessing a sea change across the industry and repercussion can easily be witnessed. To keep us fit for industry, we must adopt this change. We with a concept of making every individual capable for the industry have come up with our programs by industry expects, with the view of creating better tomorrow for many.

According to a survey majority of our population is unskilled, government of India in taking necessary initiatives to overcome this but we have long way to public- private is an instrument to boost the speed with an aim to stick to bottom line of delivering Quality. We are contributing to make the vision of skill India successful.


NIET was established under the aegis of SGET since its inception in year 2013 with visionary leadership of our Team led to the creation of multidiscipline such as rural management, Teacher Training, Information Technology, GIS and Remote sensing and K12 education. During all these year NIET has grown steadily and boosts of its presence at multiple locations and having more than 2000 students from all over India.

NIET was established as a Teachers Training Academy in order to provide professional skills to every individual, especially girls from weaker section of society in order to make them industry capable earn livelihood but along with it. We have set standers across industry in other sectors to. Our team has published year book on agriculture with Madhya Pradesh state government. Our other publication 5 in number are very helpful for the entrepreneurs who are seeking to set up their business. We with our Quality, timely delivery and uniquely designed curriculum wish to see smiling faces in India with sustainable lifestyle.


To promote a learning environment that welcome people from every region, caste, culture and society ready to transform them as better professionals for tomorrow. We have a mission of education and skills being made available to every individual of society even from the weakest section. We aim to include the ethical, moral and social values to all with us.



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